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"EZ Necklace" Necklace Sizer

To Print out this page, click on "File", then "Print", then "preferences" and select "Landscape" and then "Print"
How to Make a Single Strand Necklace




1. Use a tape measure to measure the neck at exactly the point where you want the necklace to fall. A typical choker will be 16" and will fall to the bottom of the dent on the neck.



2. Cut 19" of beading wire (or 3" longer than the overall necklace size).

neck with tape measure-2.jpg (57490 bytes)

3. Tape one end of the beading wire, string beads onto the wire and then tape the other end.


4. Taking into account the amount of space that the clasp will use, hold the taped strand of beads up to the EZ Necklace at the 16" line. Determine whether to add or remove some beads.

hands on cone-2.jpg (44250 bytes)


5. Attach the clasp to the necklace with crimp beads. Rather than crimping at this point, flatten the crimp beads with a chain nose pliers. (The pointy pliers with the smooth flat jaws.)



6. Place the assembled necklace over the EZ Necklace to see if it fits your chosen measurement line.

pearl necklace2.jpg (40599 bytes)


7. If it fits, then go ahead and crimp the crimp beads with your crimping pliers.




8. If the necklace needs adjustment, reopen the crimp beads using the outer jaw of the crimping tool, i.e., the jaw closest to the tip. To do this, place the flattened crimp bead vertically in the outer jaw and squeeze gently. Remove the crimp, add or remove beads and try again.

crimp2.jpg (53665 bytes)

How to make a multi-strand necklace with the EZ Necklace


You can use the EZ Necklace to plan where your focal beads will lay in relation to each other.

neck with necklace-2.jpg (50750 bytes)

The following example assumes you are making a three strand necklace with the strands being 16", 17" and 18".

1. Using a 19" length of beading wire, string the shortest strand of beads first. This strand will be 16" but you need the extra 3" for attaching the clasp. So string about 15 inches of beads, as the clasp will account for almost and inch.

2. Tape the ends of the first strand to the EZ Necklace at the 16" measurement mark.

necklace back-2.jpg (49567 bytes)


3. Using a 20" piece of wire for the 17" strand, string only the beads for the middle three repetitions of your pattern. Hold the second strand up to the EZ Necklace to see if the three patterns on the second strand line up at the desired positions relative to those on the first strand. To do this, tape or hold the ends of the second strand at the 16" line (not the 17" line!) matched up with the first strand. Once you have the first three sets of beads positioned properly, work on the next ones to the left and right of the first three sets. Continue stringing your beads in this fashion as necessary to complete your design. Tape the finished 17" strand to the EZ Necklace at the 16" mark.
4. Next, using a 21" piece of wire for the 18" strand, repeat the above process. Remember to tape or hold the incomplete strand at the 16" line (not the 18" line!) to determine your pattern.


5. When you are satisfied with your design, temporarily attach a clasp with flattened crimp beads to check. See Sections 5 through 8 above. If your design and the size turned out right, crimp the crimp beads with a crimping tool and you're done.

multi-strand necklace2.jpg (72113 bytes)