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Comfy Cozy Chemo Hats

Comfy Cozy Chemo Hats

Comfy Cozy Chemo Hats

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Comfy Cozy Alopecia Hats

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Comfy Cozy Chemo and Alopecia Caps by Cheri

:6:  About My Soft and Cozy Cancer Hats

Why I Started Making Chemo Hats

When my sister had breast cancer 10 years ago, 
she complained that her wig was too scratchy on her sensitive scalp.  
So I made her some hats. 

Recently my Aunt Kathy was diagnosed with cancer and she has lost some hair. 
What can you do for someone who has cancer, other than cure them? 
Answer: Give her a  hat! So I set out to make her a hat.
 I chose the light blue fabric knowing that she likes blue.
 It turned out so nice that I wanted to make her another.
 My mom told me she's a Packers fan. 
So I made a Green Bay Packers hat with a football button on it. 
She loved them both and I made her 4 more!

Why use fleece?
Fleece is so soft and comfortable.  You can even wear your hat to bed.
If you want a bedtime hat, let me know so I don't put a lumpy button on it.

What's with the fancy buttons?
Fleece has a very casual look to it. I wanted my aunt to be able to wear
her hats to work and out to dinner. 
So I jazz them up with fancy buttons.

How do you wash the hats?
With the exception of the rhinestone buttons, all the hats are hand washable. 
If you choose a rhinestone button, 
you should snip it off before washing and sew it back on later.

What size do the hats come in?
Large is the best size and fits just about anyone.
If you need a smaller hat, get me a head measurement.

Does it cost extra to get a custom made hat?
I only do custom hats! I do not keep an inventory of hats on  hand.
When you place an order, I make the hat and then go shopping for a button.
Email me with your color preferences if you don't
see your color listed in the drop down menus. You can also visit and let me know which fleece you like and I will pick it up. Price may vary depending on what fleece you choose.

How long does it take to get a hat?
That depends on how many orders I have ahead of yours.
I ask for 2 weeks, but can usually get a hat shipped off to you within a week.

What does shipping cost?
Shipping is usually less than what is quoted. 
If you use Paypal, I do a refund when your order is packed and weighed.  
If you use a credit card,
 I simply run your card for the correct amount once I know the final shipping cost.
 Note that the shopping cart does not process your credit card; 
I do it manually when your order is ready to go.

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Discount will be processed manually when I ship your order.

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