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Comfy Cozy Chemo Hats

Comfy Cozy Chemo Hats

Comfy Cozy Chemo Hats

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Comfy Cozy Chemo Caps by Cheri

:3:  Soft and Cozy Cancer Hats
Only $19.99

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Cozy Cancer Hats are custom made!  Let me know your colors and I'll whip one up for you!
Every hat is different. I choose a special button or other embellishment to trim
your hat. You can give me some ideas or let me surprise you!

If you would like a hat to sleep in, let me know and i'll leave the button off and decorate it
with something that won't be felt when you sleep on your side.

pink-cancer-hat-1.JPG (70754 bytes)

pink-cancer-hat-detail.JPG (48641 bytes)

Hot Pink Chemo Hat
This Comfy hat is made in hot pink fleece.  
Because fleece is so casual, I dress them up with a pretty embellishment. They are suitable for wearing to work or going out to dinner. But they're comfortable enough to sleep in.

Every hat is made to order. 
I decorated this one with a 3 dimensional rose button. 

Choose fabric color

Choose Decoration


red-chemo-hat-2.JPG (115937 bytes)

red-chemo-cancer-hat-detail.JPG (53563 bytes)
Red Chemo Hat
This Comfy hat is made in black fleece that won't irritate your sensitive scalp. 

Don't be afraid to ask for something special. If you don't see a color that you have in mind, just ask.
I made this one to go with my Aunt Kathy's red coat which has black buttons.

Choose fabric color

Choose Decoration