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:6:  Crystal and Pearl Illusion Bridal Necklaces
Custom made illusion crystal jewelry for the bride.
Bride's necklaces are made with genuine Swarovski crystals and faux or real pearls.
The perfect fit and perfect match for your wedding! 
Brides Illusion Necklace Set #6-1
lynn2.jpg (80933 bytes)
Illusion Pearl and Crystal Necklace #6-2
chloe.jpg (69712 bytes)

Lynn $25
I made these sets to match some of the new styles of ivory dresses with champagne and taupe detailing. This set is made with small 4mm ivory faux pearls and taupe 6mm faux pearls.  The taupe beads are separated by rhinestone rondelles. Any color combination is possible! 
Earring Suggestion 17-11 


Chloe Necklace $25
This set is made with light Colorado topaz (champagne) Austrian crystals, taupe (main color) 4mm faux pearls separated by a rhinestone rondelles and small 4mm ivory pearls (accent color).
Earring Suggestion #17-11 


Click Here to See Crystal Selection

Click Here to See Pearl Selection
New Neon Colors!

Save $3 when you buy a bridal illusion necklace set.  

Free color samples


Flower Design Necklace #6-3
monica-5.jpg (32429 bytes)
Illusion Crystal and Pearl Brides Necklace #6-4
amy-necklace-for-prom.jpg (145130 bytes)
Monica Flower Necklace $26
This wonderful flower design necklace is made using 6mm blush colored faux pearls and 4mm rainbow Austrian crystals.  I used illusion cable and tiny sterling silver crimp beads that hold each crystal in place.  Of course it's available in any color and in any pearl and crystal combination and you can have gold wire or silver.  
Earring Suggestion #15-4 

Amy 3 Strand Bridal Necklace $28
The Amy choker and bracelet are both made with three strands of 4mm faux pearls and clear Austrian crystals. All three strands of the necklace are the same length.   The beads are all 4mm and come in every color.
Bracelet Suggestion 21-3
Earring Suggestion  #17-12  shown in the photo or #17-3

Click here to see details of Alfred Angelo necklace
Monica Necklace Click for Close Up
brown-mocca-white-pearl-illusion-necklace.jpg (85325 bytes)
The Amy necklace in brown and white pearls
and brown and clear crystals

Rhinestone Ball Bridal Necklace  #6-5
alexa.jpg (76029 bytes)


amy-necklace-bracelet-earrings.jpg (76182 bytes)
The Amy necklace in white pearls and clear crystals. This version of the 3 strand Amy bracelet is made with 2/3 Austrian crystals and 1/3 faux pearls but you can have it any way you want.

Lexie Necklace $44
This 3 strand illusion necklace is made to match whatever contrasting off white colors are in your dress.  Color samples are available.  This one is shown with 6mm faux pearls in ivory, gold and taupe accented with silver plated rhinestone ball beads. 
Earring Suggestion #16-7 


Detail showing rhinestone bead


lexie-5-2.jpg (35879 bytes)
Helen is shown getting ready for prom wearing the Lexie necklace.
Rhinestone Ball Bridal Necklace  #6-6
kate-necklace-clear-cream.jpg (20157 bytes)
kate-bracelet-earrings.jpg (38505 bytes)
Kate Bride's Necklace $16
This is a single strand illusion wedding necklace made with 4mm Swarovski crystals and faux pearls and features a pearl tear drop.  It is available in lots of color combinations.
 Earring suggestion: #17-10 


The Christie Bridal Bracelet $16
This 2 strand bracelet is made with 4mm austrian crystals and faux pearls.  The beads are all 4mm and come in every color.  Please provide your precise wrist measurement.
Earring Suggestion #17-10 


amy-necklace-for-prom-2.jpg (140915 bytes)   amy-necklace-for-prom-3.jpg (157688 bytes)
Thank you  Devan Scheuers and Ian Rasch for the prom photos!
For more prom pics, visit them on Face Book!