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:8:  Veil Alternatives for Brides - Fascinators 
Custom made illusion crystal and pearl hair pieces for the bride.
Bridal Veil Alternatives are made with genuine Swarovski crystals and faux or real pearls.
The perfect match for your wedding!
Bridal Veil Alternative in Pink

veil alternative-pink.jpg (89085 bytes)

Bride's Veil Alternative in White

amy-veil-alternative-2.jpg (85167 bytes)
Brides Veil Alternative in 
Ivory with Flowers

veil_alt_cream_463.jpg (46240 bytes)
This beautiful hair piece has a barrette that hides in your hair and pink, white and clear illusion beads that cascade through your hair.  

AlisHair2.jpg (32415 bytes)

The Veil Alternative
Wear this bridal hair piece instead of a veil or wear it at the reception after you take off your veil.  Either way, this hair thingy is great for dressing up your hairdo!  The barrette is removable so that your hair dresser can pin the beads into your bun.  Each of the 9 strands can be separated by bobby pins to spread out the effect of shimmering beads flowing through your hair. Length shown, 15".  It can be made longer or shorter if you like. Great for brides, but wouldn't this be cool in your prom hairstyle? 

If you don't want pearls, select "No Pearls". It's the same thing if you don't want crystals.
Shipping to Europe is usually only $5!

Each strand of this bridal hair piece is terminated with a tiny flower bead. 15" as shown.

veil-alternative-susannah.jpg (592628 bytes)
Bridal Veil Alternative in Light Blue
veil_alternative-blue.jpg (106176 bytes)


Bridal Veil Alternative in Ruby & Gold 
veil_alternative-ruby.jpg (105261 bytes)


Bridal Veil Alternative in Emerald
veil_alternative-green.jpg (70675 bytes)
This beautiful hair piece has a barrette that hides in your hair and blue, white and clear illusion beads that cascade through your hair. This 15" long hair piece was made for Antoinette using ruby and lt. Colorado topaz Austrian crystals and gold colored faux pearls. (All beads are 4mm).  Stunning! I made this 15" long hair piece for Susan using Austrian crystals in clear AB and emerald AB and faux pearls in cream and moss green. (All beads are 4mm).
Krista500-2.jpg (72941 bytes)
Crystals & Pearls
For non-illusion jewelry click here
virginia-colors.jpg (43432 bytes)
Illusion Bridesmaids Necklaces
Click here to see Jennifer wedding necklace
Click for Flower Girl Jewelry
veil-alternative-7-inches.jpg (22167 bytes) veil-alternative-wedding.jpg (64759 bytes) veil-alternative-lt-colorado-topaz.jpg (33932 bytes)
7" Veil Alternative
in Lilac and White
15" Veil Alternative
with Light Colorado Topaz Crystals
and White Pearls

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