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The jump ring business is a one woman operation. I manufacture rings according to each order that comes in.  So, do not expect that your order will ship out today.  

If you have a jump ring emergency, do not send me an email.  Call me!  

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Gift Certificates
To order a gift certificate, use one of the Buy Now buttons below.  I can email a gift certificate to you as a pdf file. You then print out the gift certificate.  This way I don't have to charge for shipping.  If the gift certificate gets lost, just contact me.
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Nobody's Perfect!
I pack up your jump rings by weight. I have a really expensive fancy schmancy scale that counts the jump rings by weight.  I sift out most of the bad rings. But, I can't catch them all. You likely will have some partial rings in your package. So I always ship a few more rings than ordered (according to the scale) to account for the fact that there may be some bad rings taking up some of the weight.  If my count is ever short a ring or two in one package, you most likely got a few extras in another package. So we should be even.

Shipping Costs
My shopping cart is set to estimate shipping for Priority 3 Day Mail.  But most packages will ship by regular First Class US Mail to save you money.  The estimated ship time for First Class within the continental United States is usually 2 days and the estimate for Priority is usually 2 days.  I only use priority when it's more economical to do so.  So, when it costs less than what is quoted in my cart, you get a PayPal refund or, in the case of a credit card, your card is charged less.  

Handling Fee
There is a $1.00 handling fee on U.S. orders and $2.00 handling fee on international orders.  Part of this is offset by the discounts I get using  The handling fee covers things like packaging, credit card fees and PayPal fees. 

Returned Items
You must email or call me for authorization to return items. 

I do not take returns on tools.  If you get a defective tool, I will exchange it for an identical tool. For all other returns or exchanges, there is a 15% restocking fee. 

I do not accept returns on invoices that are over 30 days old.  Returned items must be in their original unopened packaging.   You must enclose a copy of the invoice.

Declined Credit Cards
Every time I run a credit card, it costs me $.30. So, if you mis-type the credit card number in the shopping cart, I'll try it twice ($.60) just to make sure I didn't enter it wrong on my machine the first time.  Then I'll call you to get the number.  Each time I run your card will cost you $.30. So, if you think you have your credit card number memorized, I hope you're right! ;-)

If your billing address doesn't match the one your credit card company has on file, you will be billed for the $.60 for the original transaction and voiding it.  I'll be calling you to get the correct billing address.

There is a $25 fee for returned checks. There is a $25 fee for credit card charge backs.

Color Chart

You can order a jump ring color chart.
color-chart.jpg (62639 bytes)
The color chart in the photo has one each of all colors of copper jump rings. The little bags paper clipped to the chart contain a sample of each size of 20 gauge rings and each size of 18 gauge rings.  If you order the aluminum ring chart, you'll get the copper chart shown above plus a chart with all the aluminum choices.  Likewise, if you order the rubber ring chart, you'll also get the copper ring chart.

New to this Web Site?

The shopping cart expires if you don't use the website for 30 minutes or more. So if you need to come back to your order later, it's a good idea to print out the cart page.  Or you might want to just put the order through. then when you come back to the site, put through the rest of your order. When placing back to back orders, it's a good idea to remind me that you have another order pending in the system. That way I will combine them and not over charge you on the shipping.  Let me know either in the message box or with an email.

Your jump rings will be packaged in plastic sleeves:

The rings are packaged in the order they appear on your invoice.  If you order 300 rings (for example) of one color and size, they'll be in the same section of the sleeve. 

New to Chain Maille?
If youíre new to chain maille, or just new to my web site, here are my recommendations:

First of all, pay very close attention to whether your pattern refers to OUTSIDE diameter (OD) or INSIDE diameter (ID). All the rings on my site are designated first, by their OUTSIDE diameter. Their inside diameters are also noted. Many other web sites and many chain maille patterns will refer only to the INSIDE diameter. For example, a pattern might call for a 4mm ID jump ring. This means that you need a 4 millimeter inside diameter jump ring. If you are using 18 gauge rings, then you should buy my 6mm rings which have an inside diameter of 3.8mm. My 6mm 20 gauge rings have an inside diameter of 4.3mm and those would work for you too. If you mistakenly order my 4mm OUTSIDE diameter rings for this project, you will be very disappointed as they are very tiny! Please refer to a ruler. If you donít understand what a millimeter looks like, call me.

Occasionally, youíll need to convert jump ring sizes from inches to millimeters or youíll need to figure the aspect ratio (AR). I have a page on my site that is full of charts.

You might want to order my jump ring color chart. It costs $5 and thereís a buy now button at the bottom of every page in my jump ring site. It has one each of all 42 colors in addition to a bag of each size of 20 gauge and a bag of each size of 18 gauge so you can get an idea of how big things are.

The cheapest book to get is called Easy Chain Mail and costs $7.95. Go to this link: Also on that page are other books and DVDís. The DVDís are really good! I highly recommend them. The $25 investment is really worth it because itís just like being in a class.

The most popular gauge is 18 gauge. The most popular sizes are 6mm and 8mm in 18 gauge and 5mm and 6mm in 20 gauge. The most popular colors are black, silver, vintage bronze, gun metal, tarnish resistant copper, copper, antique gold. Also, sea green, purple and pacific blue sell really well. So if youíre just getting started, get a small selection of these recommended jump rings and you should be able to make a couple of patterns. Once you get more into it, youíll be placing a second order looking for more sizes and more colors.

Gauges: 18 g. is heavier than 20g. The bigger the number, the thinner the wire. Wire is drawn through a draw plate hole to make it thinner. The more times it goes through, the thinner it gets, just like pasta through a pasta machine. So 18 gauge wire has only gone through the "stretcher" 18 times. So obviously, the 20 gauge will be thinner because it goes through 2 more times.

I offer kits too. Go to this link:

Youíll be happy to know that I have free instructions on my site too. Go to this page:

Pliers: I recommend that you get at least one pliers, the chain nose. If your budget allows, buy yourself a flat nose pliers too. Youíll frequently find yourself needing a pliers in each hand. If you're not used to working with your hands, you might want to get the nylon jaw pliers to avoid scratching the rings.  But if you've ever made beaded jewelry and are comfortable holding a pliers, you should be fine with a regular metal pliers.  Another handy tool is the jump ring opening tool. I have two versions of it. They are on this page:


45 Color 
Copper Jump Ring Color Chart >>
Aluminum Color Chart

The Basic
Copper Jump Ring Color Chart
All 45 colors of copper rings plus a sample of every size

45 Color
Copper Jump Ring <<Color Chart
Rubber O Ring
Color Chart










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