How to use the EZ Earring 2

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How to use the EZ Earring 2
                ez earring 2 samples.jpg (37486 bytes)
EZ Earring II
Only $27.80
ezb2-a.jpg (37113 bytes)
Cut a piece of 20 or 22 gauge wire to approximately the length of the ear wire tool.
ezb2-c.jpg (22486 bytes)
Take the pin...
ez2-d.jpg (31494 bytes)
Put it in the hole.
ezb2-b.jpg (37081 bytes)
Put the wire in between the pin and the peg.
ezb2-d.jpg (30551 bytes)
Line up the end of the wire with the line that's etched on the tool. Click on the photo to see the etched line more clearly.
ezb2-f.jpg (34229 bytes)
Bend the wire a bit to the right with your finger.
ezb2-g.jpg (30790 bytes)
Pick up the smaller of the two black winders. Notice that there's a little peg on it. That little peg will catch the wire and spin it around the metal pin.
ezb2-h.jpg (35492 bytes)
Make sure the winder's peg is on the left side of the wire. In other words, if the wire is at 12:00, your winder's peg is at 9:00.  Spin the winder clockwise to make the wire wrap around the pin and you've made a loop.
ezb2-i.jpg (34662 bytes)
Now, straighten out the wire so the loop sits up nicely.
ez2-j.jpg (34607 bytes)
Put the loop on the peg next to the earring shape.
ez2-k.jpg (35230 bytes)
Bend the wire around with your fingers.
ez2-l.jpg (26976 bytes)
Pick up the big winder, notice where its peg is. That peg will wind the wire around the earring shape. Spin the winder.
ez2-m.jpg (30406 bytes)
Now your earring is done.
ez2-n.jpg (32393 bytes)
Use a chain nose (flat nose) pliers to bend the end of the wire back a bit.
ez2-o.jpg (34042 bytes)
And you're done!
For a custom look, skip the first step of making the loop so that you can add a bead.  See the turquoise sample at the top of this page.  Then finish off the loop manually with a round nose pliers. And add your matching dangle!
Click here to see the original EZ Earring for making normal earwires.
Beading Wire:
Soft Flex, Acculon & Elastic

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Bracelet Sizer

ez-bracelet-sizer.jpg (8523 bytes)

Bent Nose Pliers

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Jump Ring Color Chart
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In addition to a rainbow of colored jump rings, the chart includes copper and tarnish resistant copper.


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